Why am I so nervous and excited?

About a month ago, I signed up for an evening market.  I’ve been to this one before so it was easy to participate again.  I then stopped thinking about it until last week when the event coordinators started the usual round of social media advertising.  The normal music/food/market was being sponsored by a group called the 22nd Annual ChinaCat Sunflower Festival.  How did I miss all that?  It turns out to be a full fledged Jerry Garcia tribute evening complete with a Drum Circle at 4:20 pm.

I started planning for it yesterday!  Ye Gods- not enough time.  I created a limited edition art piece and almost ran out of ink printing it today.  The miracle of the ink cartridge occurred and I only ran out of a color I had a replacement for.  No last minute stressful trips to Office Depot.

Now I’m about ready.  I went through my jewelry and found my Smiley Face Mood Ring.  I have my Unicorn ring, my copper bear fetish earrings and a huge sun/moon/shooting star pendant.  I wish I knew where my denim cap was but it’s too hot to wear it anyway.


Its almost exactly a month to my 60th birthday and here I am acting like a kid going to her first concert (which was the Dead by the way).

I hope the bands are good, but even if they aren’t I’m going to have a blast!ChinaCat


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