Vivienne Frankel

California native Vivienne Frankel has lived all over the United States. She came to Jacksonville with her husband, a professor at University of North Florida. Together they have traveled to at least 50 other countries, fueling her passion for photography and art. Both Vivienne’s parents were amateur photographers and instilled a love of the art in her at an early age.
Vivienne began taking photographs at the age of 14 and spent most of her life dreaming of being an artist while working in retail with limited creative outlets.
In 2015, when the time came to retire and try something new, Vivienne began to focus on her photography while living in Italy during her husband’s sabbatical from UNF. Vivienne’s biggest inspiration to make a go of it came from the last conversation she had with her mother-in-law before she passed on. “She told me to pursue my dream because I had talent and I should share it. When I need a ‘never give up’ boost, I think of her” Vivienne says.
Vivienne has been featured at the Mandarin Fine Arts Festival, Vintage Arts Market, St. Simons Island Art Invitational, Glynn Valley Arts (GA), The Makery, Orange Park Fall Festival, MOSH and The Riverside Arts Market as well as a segment on River City Live.


Vivienne’s work is Art Photography. She uses photos of architecture, nature, street images and urban murals to create her own art through digital enhancements and layering. Vivienne has a deep love of Jacksonville and the First Coast that is reflected in her local collections.
All of Vivienne’s photographic art begins with a picture she has taken and ends with the finished product printed, signed and packaged personally in her home studio. Each new piece she creates, she changes slightly so that all of her pieces are effectively originals and are signed by hand. The only outside source used is to produce the metal and canvas art prints.


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