Fifteen years of one subject.

I moved to Jacksonville in 2003. In 2004 I started photographing one of the cities most iconic pieces of statuary. It’s called “Life” and it was unveiled on Christmas Eve in 1924. It is dedicated to the 1200 Florida men and women who lost their lives in WWI. For an interesting read about the park and statue:

My first photograph of this statue was the start of my art photography business in 2016 and my very first sale.

As I look into the future and moving out of state and away from this beautiful and moving object, I wondered why I am still taking pictures of it- why it draws me so. I literally tear up every time I tell someone the story behind the statue. I took the final one in the sequence just days ago. I also wonder what I will find in my new home to replace it and the feelings it stirs in me.

All Images are original art work by Vivienne Frankel of Still Life with Cat Studio. All Rights Reserved copyright 2016-2019. To purchase visit

Life in 2004 at sunrise with Venus and quarter moon.

After that I discovered a fascination with the statue and all of its personalities. Day time, sunrise and sunset. In costume and in storm.

Spectrum of Life
Surge of Life
September 2017 after Hurricane Irma
Life at High Noon 2016
Pride of Life
2013 The day after the Pride Parade
Guardian of Life 2017

Red Sky at Morning 2017
Life and the Day Moon 2016
Life Clear as Day 2018
Life After the Storm 2017
Life and the Guardian at Daybreak 2019


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