Back in Italy

It feels so strange to be back in Verona. Almost a year has passed since we moved back to the US with our cat after living here for seven months. Coming back as “visitors” has been harder than I expected. 

To start, we could not find an apartment in our preferred neighborhood, so we are wayyyyy up the hill in Veronetta. It’s quite pretty and very old ( being the first settlement of Verona in the 600’s). But it’s a serious hike from the city center. Uphill both ways! At least it feels that way.   Next up we are visitors again, not residents. Being treated like tourists rankles a bit in our town!

The bright side is how many people we have seen who remember and have missed us.  Nadia and Laura at the fruit and veg store. The cranky guy at the liquor store. The lady who rescues cats and her two dogs. The woman who owns the market and many restaurant owners and servers. All “felice di vederti” (happy to see you!) It’s just a little bittersweet. 

The weather has been spectacularly gorgeous. Rain at night has kept the skies clear during the day. It’s been 70-80 and still cool at night.  The Jasmine is just starting to bloom, roses are in full glory and the peonies are about finished. Strawberries are incredible, cherries just coming on. Last night we had fresh shelled sweet peas and mushrooms with our pork cutlets. Cooking here again made me so happy!!!

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