About people in the art world

I am so amazed and uplifted by the people I have met in the last few months.  As new as I am to this online and market business of selling art, I can already count many new friends and a few mentors.  Nicole Butler was one of the first people I met at a pop up event in November held at The Honeycomb Salon (Nancy the owner has been a huge artistic support).  Nicole has become a go to business mentor and a great friend (and you really must try her Mother Fudgin’ Mask).  She makes vegan bath and body products that are amazing.  She has sent me leads for markets and consignment shops, answered really stupid questions and just generally been a great contact.  Kat Bush (she is on Etsy as KatBushdesigns)  is another new artist in the markets I go to.  We have been helping each other out as we go along and will be sharing a space at The Makers Market in Jacksonville April 29 and 30th.  She is a super talented water color artist and I am proud to say I own one of her pieces!

There have been so many stories already that will be lifelong memories.  Like the dead snake in front of my booth two weeks ago that another vendor kindly removed for me.  Or the day the wind was so strong the vendor next to me was helping me chase my art down the aisle.  Or the couple selling jewelry at the art walk who would not leave until I was packed up at a night market when I was the last one still working.

There are so many things in this world today that don’t seem right anymore.  I can tell you the market culture is not one of them.



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