The importance of local art at a local art market.

Last weekend was a learning moment for me.  As I prepped for my local farmers/art market: Riverside Arts Market I thought to myself, why not make some new items.  So I started with fridge magnets and ended with postcards.  Now, lots of people tell me I shouldn’t waste time on cards and stationary BUT it sells.  It’s a piece of art you can enjoy or share and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or worry about where to hang it.  When I was young and trying to decorate an impossibly ugly studio apartment, I bought interesting note cards and framed them to hang.  So, I have a history with cards.  I also worked in the hospitality industry for years selling tchotchka’s to tourists and I know the power of a postcard.

So off to market I went with fun new art magnets and 30 postcards of differing subjects, mostly local shots of iconic things (statues, bridges etc.).  Low and behold, I sold almost all the postcards, but only one magnet.  Here is the lesson:  at the end of the day a woman stopped by my booth and saw the magnets-  “where are the ones that say Jacksonville on them?” she asks?  I collect magnets and your art is perfect for what I wanted but I go home tomorrow.  Oops!  Big miss on my part.  So Saturday I will have Jacksonville collectible magnets to offer.  You only have to tell me once.

By the end of the day I had sold all of my matted prints of our memorial statue known as Winged Victory (official title: Free) and an art piece of a mural at an intersection in town known mostly to locals.

Local art is important to locals and visitors alike.


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