Some great special order pieces to share

Last week I had three special orders come in for big pieces.  I love working with the bigger images.  They are all Italian photos; one from Venice, one from Verona and one from Padua.  I have been experimenting with different paper finishes so it was fun to see how the images would produce.  I know these photos don’t give them justice, but I have to say I love the paper I used!

The first one is called Slices of Nautilus, pieced together using the Layers app by Instagram.  The sidewalks in Verona are largely made of white and pink marble and all of the cathedrals have pink or rose marble floors and stairs.  The marble is sliced so that you can see the fossils embedded inside.  I printed this on metallic Luster paper by Epson.  A new find for me.  Wow do the colors pop and the image is so electric.  The finished piece is 16X20 in the frame.


The next piece is from the Grand Canal in Venice.  Many of the once elegant and colorful doors have begun to rot from the bottom up from exposure to the canal water.  This particular set of doors caught my eye for the beautiful blue and green wood set into a red brick wall.  I used Velvet Luster Paper for this one from Epson.  It has a texture to it that lends a tactile feel to the image.  With natural images and street art the Velvet paper is perfect.  The finished piece is 16X20 framed.


The last one is from Padua in Northern Italy.  This was a Palazzo Archway in the old city center off the central square.  This one is heavily edited on the Prisma app for a water color effect so it would match the customers decor.  I also used the Velvet Luster paper for this one.  It gave a canvas feel to the image so it worked alongside an actual watercolor they wanted to place with it in the same room.  It is also framed to 16X20.


All in all, I feel these projects came out great!  My customers were happy and I am looking forward to doing more special pieces!

Verona Cityscapes

Verona has incredible views all round the city.  Everywhere you look there is beauty, majesty, history, elegance. There is also the wonderful shabbiness of an old, old place with few pretenses.

The Roman ruins here tend to insert themselves into everything. There is a little something around every corner. A pillar, a door medallion, a piece of wall or an entire arena. The city just begs to be photographed. Over ten years of coming here and I still can’t take enough pictures. The light on this day is better or the clouds more interesting.  I see things all the time that I have missed as I walked by dozens of other times. I still walk around looking up with my mouth open as if it were my first visit.



Spring comes to Verona

Spring is slipping in with the rain and warmer temperatures. It’s sneaking up and it’s bursting out all at the same time. The peach tree outside my window has been working its way up to blooming for a week. Everyday I wait for Moses to be busy elsewhere in the apartment and then I hang out the open window with my camera capturing the change in the buds on the tree.