Adobe Stock approved a photo!

I have been batting around the idea of selling stock photos to one of the websites that posts them for advertisers, etc to pick them up and then pays you. I was leery at first; do I have to give up rights? Can I still use the photos?  I research several and then got an offer from Adobe Stock. If you already have Photoshop and maybe even just Lightroom you might be eligible through your Adobe account. It doesn’t pay great, but you keep your rights and can use the photo for other things. You need to have Adobe Creative Suite or Creative Cloud I think to upload to it. It pays the same as a lot of apps, is intuitive to use and fast to approve or deny.

After experimenting a bit with some photos I discovered they must be unedited and of a certain file size. I’m thinking about all the pretty flowers and lucious fruit, etc that I have on file that will not sell matted and framed at shows and thought, why not!!

Here’s my first hit!   Now let’s see if it gets bought!


Still Life With Cat Studio

hello and welcome to still life with cat studio. I am a photographer, a cat lover, a traveler (currently residing in Italy) and a knitter. I also love to cook and eat and drink. What else do you need to know?  This blog is about pictures. Photo art, nature photos, street art and of course pictures of Moses my cat.  I hope you enjoy reading and seeing my love of the world through pictures.