Out with the new, in with the new

2017 was full of new adventures and in a lot of ways, I’m sad to see it go.  I started a new business, met some new friends and networked a great deal.  I took a lot of really good photos and taught myself how to make them better through editing.  I traveled as much and for as long as I wanted to (no time constraints).  I spent more time with Moses my cat and also with friends and family.  I actually started to socialize again after a lot of years doing the opposite.  I enjoyed myself tremendously for the most part with the support of my  very encouraging husband (he really didn’t sign up for this wild ride my life has become!).  I also turned 60 last year, which rocked my world a bit until I realized celebrating it was much more fun than being depressed over it.  I have a lifetime of experience to share and a long time left to do it in.

I’m looking forward to a more than interesting 2018 with more new adventures ahead.  My first juried Art Show in the Spring, more opportunities for community Pop-Ups that will get me in front of new art lovers, more of the same great steady venues that provided me with just enough income to pay for supplies.

As far as challenges in 2018; doing my first taxes as a small business owner, finding new and exciting venues to present my art, honing my skills with both the camera and the computer (editing) and finding new subjects.  I do know that I need to stay fresh, and so will be doing more camera work locally and everywhere else we go.

All in all, I have so much to be thankful for and I feel so blessed today to be healthy and happy going into this new year.  img_0881.jpg



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