New opportunities abound

So I guess I rejection can be handled when you have other great things happening to offset it.  Over the weekend I was notified that my entry in a photo contest  had made the short list of 15 finalists.  Of course if you follow me on any social channels you know this already- but you don’t know how really thrilled I am.  I have followed Conrad and Drew’s blog and Instagram pages for years. I want to be like them when I grow up, funny, educational and making money doing what they love- writing about wine (only I want to write about art photography)!  Anyway, I can’t compete (yet) with some of the famous photographers who are in the contest, but I am holding my own in fourth place.  I am flogging social media for more votes since I believe I have run out of friends to ask.  This is actually teaching me the importance of a bigger social media audience.  Next up I was given a spot at a large annual seafood festival in my county this summer.  It has a huge crowd every year and I’m excited that the curators LOVED my work.  So sour disappointment turns into sweet opportunity at days end.  Look for more about this festival as soon as I am confirmed I will advertise it.

PS- if you haven’t already voted for my photo of Moses, click the link above and go to his photo in the contest blog post.

I just noticed that he is sitting next to all the information we brought back from one of our Australian wine tours- I believe it was our first visit to Melbourne!  That’s priceless!



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