Learning how to be a peddler

As I progress getting my photography business started, I am learning a lot of interesting things.  Last week I learned that in Jacksonville, I had to get a zoning disclosure statement (home occupation/peddler) put on file.  After that, I had to go to the Tax Collectors office with my “declaration of peddlerhood” and my “Fictitious Name Registration” to pay my business taxes.  As a sole proprietor of a photography business my license is listed as “Public Service or Repair- Not Specified”.  I’m not sure any of this applies to what I do, but it came the closest I could come up with.  At least now I’m a legal business owner and I can sell my photos and services “legally”.  I also started learning more about copyright laws, “can I sell this photo?” has come to mind several times and I’m erring on the side of caution for now, until I can learn more. 

I have been accepted to two local art markets this spring, which I’m really excited about.  The first is only once a month, but it’s an up and coming little market.  Vagabond Flea in Murray Hill, an historic area of Jacksonville.  I’m also doing the Riverside Arts Market another historic area in town.  RAM is the biggest market in the Jacksonville area and has wonderful art, fresh veggies and food trucks.  I’m excited to be a vendor in both places, so I guess the “peddler” in me is getting a chance to see what I can do.

The last few weeks have been fun and stressful.  I bought a gazebo tent and all my supplies.  My wonderful husband and the son of a friend helped me do a dry run set up of it in the driveway.  Once we figured out the basics it went up and down pretty fast.

As I write this, my new art inject printer is cranking out notecards to sell at the market on Saturday.  I’m taking a break from matting prints.



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