I’m feeling very proud of myself today!

Finally- I have a working store website and a link to this blog.  Go to Shop My Photos and you can take a peek.  I also made a link from the Shop to this Blog.  It was a lot of brain work and I have to say I’m pretty proud that I did it all myself except for one phone call and one chat.  It feels like it’s all coming together, all of a sudden.

I have an exhibit of my photos at a local business and a selection of my photos for purchase at another.  I did a small art show last week and am signed up to do another in December the St. Mary’s Art Walk downtown for @istillmatter.org.  It’s exciting!!img_4709

So- look for more regular posts and constant updates to my store.  Of course I’m still on Etsy, but it didn’t seem like anyone was finding me there.



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